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The Devola Sanitary Sewer Improvements project, in compliance with Ohio EPA findings and orders, stating no discharge to surface waters will be allowed, involves the design and construction of a new central sanitary sewer to serve Phase II within the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (OEPA) defined service area. This proposed sanitary sewer will tie into the existing Phase I system, which flows downstream to the Devola lift station located at 4441 Hwy 60, south of Devola. This activity is following the court ordered mandate to comply with the OEPA Director's Final Findings and Orders.


February 2024

Installation of the majority of the sanitary sewer mains and laterals has been completed, and wastewater tank installation has begun, with a tank required at each home. A new interactive map linked to the right has been added to the website showing the order in which construction for the wastewater tanks will begin for groups of properties as well as when construction for that area has been completed.

Please note your installation area and plan accordingly. The project team will make every effort to provide advance notice. A response from the homeowner is requested so that proper coordination can take place.

Thumbnail image of interactive map

All-Terrain Sewer Map and My Property

Engage with our interactive map! Enter your property address to view how your property will be connected to the system.


Tank Installation Progress Map

Note: Exact order subject to change. Notice for your specific area will be placed on the front door prior to construction. Construction will commence in an orderly fashion from home to home along a given street. Please take note as construction approaches your home.

Restoration of disturbed areas will proceed immediately after installation with temporary seeding and mulching. Some settlement within the disturbed area may occur immediately after. The Contractor is required and will provide final restoration of all disturbed areas with final seeding and mulching as weather conditions allow. We request your patience as the project progresses.



  • Surveying & Mapping

    The project started with the field survey work which identified topographical details, located underground utilities, and provided ground elevations.

  • Design & Public Involvement

    Design work and public involvement process consisted of three public involvement meetings scheduled for January and October of 2020 and November 2021. The goal of these meetings was to educate property owners about the project, the process, and the proposed alternatives; to gather property details; and to get feedback from property owners.

    Preliminary plans (30%) were submitted April 2020 and finalized in October 2021.

  • Construction

    Opening Bid - May 12, 2022

    Contractor notice to proceed and construction to start late Summer 2022

    Installation of all sanitary sewer mains completed October 2023

    Completion of 280 homes by Spring 2024

    Project completion October 2025


  • Nov 27
    General Plan Submitted to OEPA
  • Jan 14
    1st Public Meeting
  • Apr 14
    2nd Public Meeting
    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and at the recommendation of the Governor's office, this public meeting was cancelled.
  • Apr 21
    Submit Preliminary Plans (30%) to the Washington County Engineer's Office for review and approval
  • Jul 01
    Preliminary Plans Completed (30%)
  • Oct 06
    Virtual Public Meeting
  • Nov 25
    90% Design Plans submitted to the OEPA
  • Dec 15
    Final Design Submittal to Washington County
  • Jan 28
    Received comments from OPEA
  • Feb 26
    Resubmitted Design Plans to OPEA
  • Mar 10
    Received Permit to Install (PTI) Approval from OEPA
  • Spring
    Funding sources identified
  • Summer
    Additional Funding sources identified causing delays to start of project
  • Aug
    Washington County requested changes to Final Plans
  • Sept
    Easement and Maintenance Agreement Document Acquisition begins
  • Nov
    Re-issued Plans sent to Agencies for Approval
  • Nov 16
    Public Meeting
  • Dec
    Anticipated approval of re-ssued PTI
  • March 8
    Public Meeting
  • March 18
    OEPA Approval of Reissued PTI (Permit to Install)
  • March 29
    OEPA Preliminary Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI)
  • March 31
    Advertisement/Invitation for Bidders to Bid on Construction
  • May 12
    Bid Opening
  • June 2
    DPC Contractors to begin contacting homeowners
  • June 6
    DPC Contractors to begin evaluations of residents' current electrical status
  • Mid-June
    DPC Contractors to begin Priority 1 electrical work
  • Late Summer
    Notice to proceed with Construction
  • Winter
    DPC Contractors to complete electrical upgrades
  • Fall
    Installation of sewer mains completed
  • Spring
    Completion of 280 homes
  • October
    Completion of project


Project Map of Devola, OH